The Ultimate Solution to Machine Management

MyKomatsu is Komatsu’s all-inclusive parts portal, engineered to ensure you can keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. The portal makes a direct connection between your equipment’s health and operation information and the necessary parts, making it possible to get replacement parts as soon as you need them.

The Process

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How it Works

Through use of the MyKomatsu portal, you can combine tracking and purchasing on one website, rather than switching between two and having to guess when maintenance is needed. MyKomatsu keeps it all on one single, unified website for machine management. The portal offers easy access to information on each piece of machinery, including:

  • Its current location
  • How it’s being operated
  • When service will be needed
  • The cost of parts for it
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Ease of Operation

The MyKomatsu portal can easily be accessed and navigated via computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition to ordering the right Komatsu parts at any place or any time, you can find instruction manuals specific to your machines, or any other Komatsu machine, for that matter.

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Updates Whenever They're Needed

The portal offers real-time pricing and availability information for machine parts, and also makes it possible to obtain relevant distributor contact information for support, sales and finance. Reporting functions make it possible to pull real-time fleet, machine and alert history reports, and stay up to date on factory campaigns and service news announcements for your specific equipment. Komatsu also offers early access to promotions for its parts via the portal.

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Custom Alerts

MyKomatsu allows users to arrange custom alerts for whenever a caution light, error code or maintenance reminder is transmitted. Alerts can also be turned on to notify users of excessive idle time, engine hours and more.

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Fleet Operations Information

Reports on fleet operations and health are easy to generate, with links for more in-depth information. The portal also makes it easy to further examine the data of specific machines to get a clear picture of operation hours, fuel consumption and a wealth of other information.

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Online Ordering

Use the MyKomatsu portal to place parts orders at any time and have them shipped to your home, jobsite or local Columbus Equipment Company branch. You can also save shopping lists for frequently ordered parts so they can be referred to later, receive order status notifications and order serial-specific parts books for any needed parts.