Smart Construction

Integrated Support & Solutions for Tomorrow's Jobsite

Smart construction technology, integrated via Komatsu’s SMARTConstruction, involves the use of GPS, 3D mapping, machine control and related technologies, all working in conjunction with advanced ICT (information communication technology) to streamline and simplify construction tasks.


Intelligent Machine Control

Our intelligent machine control offerings include dozers and excavators. Intelligent dozers are fully supported by Komatsu’s service and support network, and require no cables, climbing or connections. These 3D GPS automatic dozers are useful for applications from finish grading to mass excavation. Designed for increased production compared to conventional machine guidance, our semi-automatic excavators can be used for trenching, slope work and high-production applications.

Dozer Specifications

Weight (lbs) HP
D39i-24 21,804 105
D51i-24 29,057 131
D61i-24 41,381 169
D65i-18 50,420 217
D71PXi-24 51,150 237
D85i-18 65,080 267
D155i-8 90,610 354

 Excavator Specifications

Weight (lbs) HP
PC210LCi-11 51,588 165
PC290LCi-11 72,091 196
PC360LCi-11 79,807 257
PC390LCi-11 90,441 257
PC490LCi-11 106,770 362

Mapping Services

Aerial mapping uses UAS (drone) technology to gather topographic data efficiently from the air, collecting information at pre-bid, construction and as-built phases. The high-resolution imagery and topography data gathered is useful for volume calculations and stockpile quantities.

GPS Hardware

We have access to bases and rovers with the latest GPS hardware from our partner provider, providing a versatile tool to stake out, verify, calculate and measure. In addition, we offer radio equipment that integrates Komatsu intelligence machine control with most brands of GPS receivers.

Jobsite Setup

Our smart jobsite setup tools include:

  • Complete site localization from project start to finish, including base station position and programming, as well as measurement of site control points to verify they are within tolerance
  • Machine setup and accuracy checks, which allow jobsite data files to be uploaded to intelligent machine controlled dozers and excavators, in addition to position and accuracy checks for machines and rovers

3D Data Services

We have 3D models available for all applications, including utility, residential, commercial and road, as well all types of machine control. Our other 3D data technology includes material takeoffs, quantity reports and volume calculations.


Our clients have access to a broad array of support solutions, including:

  • Technology solutions expects trained and certified by Komatsu, strategically located near you to offer dedicated jobsite technology support
  • Remote machine connection, offering real-time problem-solving and available online at all times to minimize jobsite visits
  • SMARTConstruction support for all the above services, as well as Komatsu’s KomConnect program

Training & Consultation

The SMARTConstruction platform features a variety of operator and field personnel training conducted by Komatsu certified trainers, including base- and rover-specific training as well as sessions for machine operators, foremen and superintendents. It also features jobsite operator consulting, using new technologies to improve operations, as well as enhanced telematics, with detailed machine control usage reported via KOMTRAX.