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As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for food and drink. But that’s not all. With evolving consumer demands, changing regulations, rising costs of raw materials and savvier competition, the food industry landscape is constantly changing and you must keep up if you're going to stay competitive.

The best way to overcome these challenges is to transform your business through digital technology. By automating manual processes, streamlining and centralizing your key business data, increasing supply chain visibility, you can better withstand market pressures.

We offer services within: 

Produce  |  Bakery |  Dairy  |  Brewery  |  Meat & Poultry  | Fruit & Vegetables | Confectionery | Agriculture

Let us help you realize the full potential of your business. Below you can find the areas we work in.

360-degree Food & Beverage Managing expiry and waste Complex route planning Forecast-driven production Data management and analytics Multiple integrations to production & MES Preventive & predictive maintenance Track & trace end-to-end Sustainability Customer journey


Managing expiry and waste

We can help your turn your food manufacturing waste into an advantage.

data-driven decisionsAnalyse each stage of your production line to pinpoint where waste is happening most and act upon it
customer insights to create personalized Introducing IoT (Internet of Things) to the processes within production lines improves supply chain performance, as the freshness of food can be tracked efficiently to avoid the spoilage of perishable foods
data warehouse, and big data analyticsCreate co- and by-product formulas based on any batch size and automatically resize the formula for batch(es) based on demand and equipment


Complex route planning

We can help you simplify route planning and master supply chain challenges.

Lower transport costs Lower transport costs by maximizing vehicle utilization and improve operational efficiency with better routes and more accurate arrival times
Replace legacy planning toolsReplace legacy planning tools with smart solutions that allows your planners to tackle the most complex planning scenarios
Conduct journey analysis to improve route plansConduct journey analysis to improve route plans


Forecast-driven production

With evolving tastes, tight profit margins and ever-changing consumer demands, the need for accurate projections is a vital component of business success. We can help you:

automating supply chain activitiesManage data from complex food supply chains to help make better decisions in the moment of need
predictive analysis through machine learningBoost sales by combining historical data with demand drivers such as seasonality, pricing information and holidays
Helping you improve planning and availability across all channels.Automate data collection for better estimates among the various factors related to demand forecasting


Data management and analytics

Transform your data into valuable insights to drive significant improvements across your operations, customer and employee relationships, and ensure profits.

collaborative supply chainAdopt a robust data and analytics strategy and steer your food & beverage organization towards a data-driven culture
customer expectations 24/7Improve data visibility to enable your leaders to make effective data-driven decisions
Efficiently maintaining optimal inventory levelsBuild scalable, future-proof data platforms customized to address your present and future needs


Multiple integrations to production & MES

We can help you operate more efficiently and become agile to always evolving priorities.

insights into your customers journeyEnable unique controls in goods receipt and production processes
data to strengthen relationships and earn loyaltyEnsure correct storage based on attributes, such as allergens or temperature constraints to boost quality control
insights into your customers journeyGain insights into everything received on the line and precisely track distribution and delivery at any given moment
potential customers across all channelsCorrect cost calculations in production for better decision making and optimize contribution margins


Preventive & predictive maintenance

We can help you maximize asset performance to increase reliability and availability, minimize cost and reduce operational risks.

customer insightsEnsure the highest level of maintenance in your facilities to tackle unnecessary food waste and save water and energy
improving instore processes<Identify and fix asset issues before they become major problems
ship from locations closer to your customerAccurately budget and predict the assets your organization will need to buy or replace depending on operating conditions
Optimize preventive and predictiveOptimize preventive and predictive maintenance to avoid unnecessary downtime


Track & trace end-to-end

Our specialized food and beverage solutions can help you take control of food safety and compliance.

360-degree customer real-time insightsGain access to a single source of data, allowing for full transparency and traceability throughout your operations
Ensure the overall safetyEnsure the overall safety of the food you produce
loyalty with intelligent engagementOptimize your compliance efforts and be confident you’re following food safety regulations
Ensure fast and easy recallEnsure fast and easy recall and block of goods in case of non-compliance



With sustainability top of mind in the food and beverage industry, we can help support your organization’s sustainability efforts.

orchestration across your supply chainEffectively manage inventories and expiry dates through tracking and automation to eliminate the chances of human error and ensure you get the most out of your stock
automating your entire supply chainIntegrate all your operations to better evaluate sales history and create reliable forecasts, helping you plan purchasing accurately and minimize waste through unsold products
automating your entire supply chainGain full visibility into your raw materials, enabling you to find and fix inefficiencies in ingredient management and sales forecasting
automating your entire supply chainOptimize resources in the supply chain to lower idle time and transport capacity
automating your entire supply chainRegister and analyse resource consumption to target improvement efforts efficiently


Customer journey

Create and deliver personalized experiences that consistently engage and delight your customers.

orchestration across your supply chainGain a deeper understanding of your customers, from the content they're looking for and the right time to reach out to their previous interactions with your company
automating your entire supply chainDeliver consistent, connected, omnichannel support that earn and keep customers for life
automating your entire supply chainCreate end-to-end customer journeys based on individual customer-triggered activities
automating your entire supply chainRun A/B and multivariant tests to optimize content for your customers and ensure marketing KPIs are aligned with business goals

Webinar: Acquiring the Taste for AI—Niche Applications for Food and Beverage

New standards are being set at the intersection of AI and agriculture. Food Safety Magazine and Columbus have teamed up to discuss how to position your production process and learn about the high impact applications of AI.  

Key Takeaways:  

  • Reduce Contaminants: foreign matter and microbial risk detection, improved recall efficiency and traceability/transparency.
  • Streamline Compliance: Automated high-volume document review, monitoring real-time deviations, internal training and education of recent changes. 
  • Predictive Analytics: Early warning fault detection, shelf-life prediction, and consumer sentiment AI analysis for demand forecasting and product development.
  • Disease Mitigation: Livestock management and crop protection, machine vision based quality inspection systems, and AI success cases for food & bev.
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Podcast: Supply Chain Management for Food Manufacturers

In this expert led fireside chat we've partnered with The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) to explore the critical aspects of supply chain management for food manufacturers. Learn how to optimize inventory levels, monitor suppliers, and maintain food safety and traceability for a more efficient and reliable food supply chain.

Learn more about:

  • - Mastering Inventory Management
  • - Supplier Monitoring and Communication
  • - Ensuring Food Safety and Traceability
  • - AI Advancements in Supply Chain Visibility

Food for thought: The future of the food industry

In our new industry guide we explore:

  • How the top players in the food industry are adapting their operations to newest trends
  • The importance of choosing the right technology for your specific needs
  • Business value and why food businesses need to look beyond system implementations and innovation projects
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